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Bush-hogging Keeps Me Busy

August 19, 2015

IMG 1677

Middle Tennessee has had an abundance of rain this summer. This has kept grass growing in the pastures & with no ruminants to eat it, DH & I have stayed on the tractor, I wearing DH’s Judge in the event I see a snake or have to walk out in the high grass.

IMG 1662

Actually I have left most of the bush-hogging to him until recently. The pastures have grown over our heads & is encroaching on our neighbors. One thing is certain – we need to get the house finished so I can have cattle & goats & hens & … Well, you get the picture.

IMG 1670

The garden has decreased output except for Pink Eye Purple Hull Peas. Who
knew Lu liked raw peas…

IMG 1663

IMG 1665

The jalapeño peppers are going crazy now that the tomatoes have backed off a bit.

IMG 1666

IMG 1667

We also have a abundance of May Pops, otherwise known as Passion Fruit. Though I have pulled every vine I have seen as it emerged near the garden, I obviously missed quite a few! (a recipe for jelly!) They have grown in the strawberry bed, okra & the berry bramble. On the perimeter fence of the garden, in the pastures… Is there anywhere on this property that they don’t grow? Nope!

IMG 1668

Sorry I haven’t updated lately, but gardening, canning veggies & 4 hours a day on the tractor up & down the hills, through grass too deep to tell when the ground falls has left me fatigued.

IMG 1669

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