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Clouds On The Way Home

August 25, 2015

IMG 1698

Flew to Dallas to visit dear friends & high school friends of DH.

IMG 1699

Although the high school was in Memphis, these folks now live in the Dallas area. Last year Jim & Mark came to dinner with us at Dave & Joni’s house. So much laughter, so much fun, Dave & DH scheduled a reunion one year later.

IMG 1700

This time another high school friend living in Phoenix wanted to join us. Fred & his wife flew in Saturday morning, he was speaking at a conference the following week in Grapevine. Fred also invited 2 other friends who are Dallas locals.

IMG 1701

I awakened early Saturday morning & got busy in the kitchen. A raw fruit salad & 2 raw vegetable salads = lots of prep! Chicken breasts in marinade so Dave could grill them with the steaks he had selected.

IMG 1702

Whipped Cream Horseradish Sauce, Jalapeño Poppers (from my garden), my own version of the Rendezvous Platter, tortilla chips, guacamole & my homemade salsa, cold watermelon (from my garden). Yep, I was in the kitchen all day…all day, literally!

IMG 1703

Mark & his wife brought a lovely cheese tray with fig preserves & roasted pecans.

IMG 1704

Jim & his wife brought a case of incredible wines. Lezli brought 2 lovely wines; we opened them first! Fred & his wife brought dessert. So much food!

IMG 1705

Another evening of laughter, fun, conversation. Bet we get together again next year!

IMG 1706

Physician. FBI agent (retired). University professor. Safety expert for nuclear facilities. Managing director of an international investing & banking firm. Commercial real estate. Members of the class of 1972…except that DH skipped a year & graduated early & Jim moved to Kansas to graduate. Anyway, an amazing assortment of talent!

IMG 1707

Why the clouds? After everyone left…late, it took until just after 1 am to reclaim the kitchen.

IMG 1708

DH had already gone to bed. Dave stayed up almost to the end. Joni, the nightingale, dried & put away dishes. I stood there & watched.

IMG 1709

DH & I had to be at the airport by 4:30am for an early flight. We were getting up at 3:30. Why in the world would I take make-up off, change into a nightgown then go to bed to sleep less than 2 hours just to get up, put on make-up & get dressed? So I stayed up.

IMG 1710

DH & I dropped the rent car at the agency which was not open & was not running it’s shuttle to the airport, then we walked the half mile rolling our bags behind us to Love Field. Easy walk though I wasn’t wearing a good walking shoe. Little ouchie.

IMG 1711

Having not slept in over 24 hours, I couldn’t get comfortable on the plane, so I started taking photos of the pretty clouds out the window.

IMG 1712

Arrived home. After a quick breakfast, DH heads to the property. I’m going to nap at home because the first Christmas choir rehearsal later in the afternoon.

IMG 1713

IMG 1714

Alas, DH & Harry start texting & include me.

IMG 1715

IMG 1716

No sleep. Dehydrated.

IMG 1717

IMG 1718

Not going to be in good voice this afternoon.

IMG 1719

Exercise early in the morning. Then DH to the oral surgeon.

IMG 1720

IMG 1721

I sure hope I sleep well tonight.

IMG 1722


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