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Installing the Sheetrock

September 23, 2015

IMG 1640

They started at the master bedroom end of the house & worked their way through.

IMG 1643

Ceiling pieces up first.

IMG 1919

The house looks smaller… & bigger! No more walking through walls, though.

IMG 1922

It took them 5 1/2 days to finish the whole place!

IMG 1926

Taping it to make the seams smooth is supposed to start this week.

IMG 1929

That means dust in the air, dust on every surface. It will look like a blizzard.

IMG 1931

This week, I have to finalize bathroom tile selections, interior paint colors, exterior paint… What else? Oh! Interior stain for doors & window frames. I have chosen my granite for the kitchen & master bathroom, though it hasn’t been reserved yet. Until the drawings of the cabinets are completed there is no way to know how much granite is needed.

IMG 1927

Anything else? Yes! I have to get our fall/winter clothes out of storage, set up the farm DBA account… I know I’m forgetting something…
Carole & Harry have 5 laying hens! Aren’t they beautiful! One egg a day per hen! Egg-cellent!


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