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Paint! Well.. Primer!

October 2, 2015

IMG 1950

IMG 1664

The sheetrock guys finished installing & sanding every single wall & ceiling in the house.

IMG 1665

Which means it’s time for primer!

IMG 1666

Starting in the garage, because it is easier to paint ceilings & walls in the garage before the doors are installed.

IMG 1667

Cloudy, rainy (MONSOON!) days didn’t make it easy.

IMG 1668

Billy, the painter (actually the guy who owns the company & keeps up with his crews) carefully inspected every surface. If there was a nick, a bump, anything not completely smooth, he drew a circle around it in pencil. That means it had to be sanded & re-primed.

IMG 1672

These guys work fast with no drips on the floor!

IMG 1675

Ooo! Color!

IMG 1678
(Gray primer was used because I chose a lovely dark red for the dining room.)

These are not the colors I chose… According to #1 assistant, 4 ounces of color is used in primer, while 8 ounces of color is used in the actual paint.

IMG 1963

IMG 1965


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