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Grading The Front ‘Lawn’ With Supervision

October 15, 2015

IMG 1970

Harry & Johnny decided it was time to grade the front of the house, to smooth out part of the crown of our hill.

IMG 1974

Mr. Vickery came with his large bulldozer & small bulldozer.

IMG 1981

I have always believed that men who work with great big “digging’ sheens,” as my sons used to call their Tonka trucks, never outgrew the love of said Tonkas & just moved to larger versions.

IMG 1984

It didn’t take long for 2-foot deep trenches to be dug, partially exposing the water & electricity lines that went to the barn. Sorry, Moxie, no fan, no lights & sorry, DH, no refrigerator. I was concerned that I would have to haul in water for the garden & potted plants.

IMG 1985

Moving dirt right up to the house, to the level of the air vents, Mr. V works quickly.

IMG 1986

IMG 1987

Harry & Johnny sat on the front porch making sure the dozer & the dirt didn’t cover up what didn’t need to be covered.

IMG 1990

IMG 1994

Even the “Indian burial mound,” as we not fondly called the huge pile of dirt pushed up months & months ago so the foundation could be poured. I scared Johnny when I referred to it with our name – you see, when Indian remains are located on building sites, all work must stop & state authorities must be called to determine whether it is an actual Indian mound. If it is, no construction can occur. If you own the property, your property just became a historic site. So sad. Too bad.

IMG 1691

No, Johnny, ours was just a pile of dirt blocking our view of the Snow Creek valley.

IMG 1999

Oh look! We have a front yard…a potential front yard! Nice & smooth!

IMG 1995

Moxie likes it now that the loud dozers have stopped.

IMG 1685  2


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