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Grading Continues & Lots Happening

October 16, 2015

IMG 1681

The painters have started on the exterior of the house. But wait! I absolutely hate the color of the trim & the main house color is far too bright! STOP! I have to re-choose paint. I cannot believe I have made such a screw-up!

IMG 1687

The showers have been waterproofed & concrete curbs installed. Hopefully tile installation will begin soon.

IMG 2028

Harry & DH tried to find the electrical power line that Mr. Vickery buried with the dozer. Until it is found & reconnected there will be no power to the barn.

IMG 2029

Found by the water line! Hurrah! DH supervised as Harry spliced the lines together.

IMG 2030

Hardwood floor installation has begun. I selected 4-inch hickory. Lots of veining, knotholes & color variation. They should be beautiful!

IMG 2031

Mr. Vickery has expanded the grading area. We need the driveway into the garage brought up about 3 feet.

IMG 2067

The good news is that he is taking about 18 inches of dirt from the area where I will be expanding the garden. That means a lot of the grass, weeds, hard knot roots & staubs will be gone! As soon as he finishes I will be laying down all the cardboard I have been collecting for months. Might as well get a head start before any remaining weeds decide they want to sprout.

IMG 2069

The driveway os being rerouted at the house & a parking pad added.

IMG 2071

Swales have also been dug to move rainwater away from the house & toward the front & back pastures.

IMG 2070

The only problem we have had with the grading – rain. Soft, sweet-smelling earth likes to stick to paws & shoes. Add rain & it is a sticky mess.

IMG 2072

But, oh my goodness, we are going to have a wonderful, huge garden next year!

IMG 2073


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