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Blooming Citrus Trees in Fall

October 20, 2015

IMG 2039

DH’s giant tropical Brugmansia Angels Trumpet plants have finally put out flower pods!

IMG 2040

My mother gave DH his original plant. He kept it alive by bringing it into the garage with my dwarf fruit trees for years.

IMG 2041

Last year, with little room in the small greenhouse, he abandoned his large plants in favor of my lemon, lime & orange trees, though he did cut many of the stems to root in buckets of water…hoping they would root. He had never tried this before.

The successfully rooted & he planted the rooted cuttings once temps warmed up last Spring.

IMG 2043

I continue to have webs all my dwarf citrus trees. I have hand washed each & every leaf on each & every tree. Still webs.

IMG 2044

Only a few blooms on the big lemon tree in early summer which set 2 lemons on the big tree & a new itty baby lemon & 1 lemon on a small lemon tree…until a couple of days ago.

IMG 2066

All of a sudden the big tree is covered in blooms. It’s October! Almost time for the trees to be moved into warmth.

IMG 2046

Now the sweet aroma of lemon blossoms greets me when I enter the garden.

IMG 2047

Now there is a race on – to get the garage prepped enough for the big trees to be moved before frost; to get lights for “grow bulbs” in the garage; to again wash each & every leaf on each & every tree before moving them; to be able to move the big trees over the newly grated entrance into the garage… I’m going to be busy for the foreseeable future.

IMG 2049


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