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Moxie Goes To The Vet

October 21, 2015

IMG 2052

Moxie is the most mellow cat in the entire world.

IMG 2054

She hates riding in the car… I won’t burden you with the… uh… stinky occurences.

IMG 2055

Anyway, once arriving at Little House Animal Hospital, she is her beautiful purring self once again. Dr. Kunkel, the other staff vets, the entire staff – really fabulous folks!

IMG 2059

She has lost a bit of weight since her last visit & that’s good. She had gotten chubby because I was overfeeding her…out of guilt – leaving her alone every afternoon in the barn. It’s not like she can’t (& does) catch her own snacks. No longer!

IMG 2060

Ears checked & cleaned. No mites. No redness.

IMG 2061

Rabies & Distemper vaccines administered.

IMG 2062

Purr, purr, purr.

IMG 2063

Stretch out her claws. Purr, purr, purr.

IMG 2065


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