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New Computer, Bad Software

November 17, 2015

I have a new computer which has made many of the things I do much easier – searches, banking, purchasing…
Very excited. It was time to write a Post & download some photos. Oops! The software has a fatal error that will not allow me to open it. Not on the new computer. Not on the old computer, I tried. “Erase the current download, then download the software again from the App Store.”

Great! Except it is not a free download. I paid for it! I don’t want to pay for it again!

So, I am writing directly on WordPress.


If I can only get photos to load…


OK. Now we’re in business!

Time to catch up!

Hardwood floors are in.

Tile guys have finished the entry from the garage, laundry room & pantry. Now they are working on the bathrooms. Interior doors have been delivered. Trim has been delivered. The front porch is finished. Cabinets for the whole house are being constructed & painted by Johnny’s guys at their shop. The railings for the back deck are being constructed. Rye grass seed was spread over the dirt & we now have lovely, thin green grass growing on the top of our hill.



I need to play a bit with this site to get the photos where I want them…



Anyway, you are now caught up!


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