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It’s Been A While…

January 13, 2016

I realized just now that I haven’t written or posted any photos in over a month. Sorry.


We enjoyed many sunrises & sunsets at the place.


Even some foggy mornings in the valley below.


#1 son, #3 son & DIL stayed with us at the house-under-construction for Christmas. (#2 son moved to the Philippine Islands back in October. He didn’t come back for the holidays.) It was like camping with heat, though our builder did pull some strings to have granite installed in the laundry room (which means a sink with running water), a working toilet in the master bathroom & a working shower. Hurrah! No going out in the balmy 70-degree weather to use the porte-potty especially at night!


Wine, board games, food… Pets, inflated (sometimes deflating) air mattresses… Target practice with a variety of weapons, gardening… Fire in the fireplace, music, more wine, more food… Gifts opened – the solar-powered lights were a hit!


Once the kids left, DH & I streamed football games on his iPad. Fatigue included the pets.


There has been considerable work done on the house. The cork floor has been installed.


The garden has continued growing. Lots of lettuce. Lots of turnip greens, turnips & collard greens, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, parsley. But the biggest bumper crop has been slugs! Yikes! The slimy critters are leaving little round holes all over the plants on the garden. I have gone through a ton of beer though I haven’t drunk a drop! I pour beer into empty cat food cans, strategically place them in the garden beds, then stand back & watch the slugs crawl to their death as fast as they can. Our organic garden will stay organic – no pesticides or slug pellets here.


Painting is almost finished! Just the trim work remaining.


The floor guys are patching, sanding… They painted an area for me to make sure the color was what I wanted. It is exactly what I want!


We have given notice on our apartment; we have to be out by the middle of February.
Yippety-skippety! We’re going to have a house again.


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