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Lack of Communication & Progress

January 20, 2016


Slowly but surely the house is being finished. The tile guys finally came back to finish the tub surround in the master bathroom. Finally!



Fans & lights are up all over the house. Darrell’s son, Matthew has helped since Darrell’s accident – cutting the tendon to his right thumb 8 weeks ago. Yikes!


Pets are catching naps at every opportunity. (Moxie has been moved into the guest bathroom because of the cold. I couldn’t keep her water from freezing solid in the barn even in front of a heater.)


Our builder & I have struggled with communication during this entire process. I haven’t been able to fully explain how I want something to look, why I want a particular anything. At least that’s what I am telling myself.

If he disagrees with a decision I make, he either forgets (like the drawers I wanted in the risers of the stairs) or he delays building/installing hoping I will change my mind, or he ignores what I want instead doing something the way he thinks it should be done (this includes stone installation, cabinet colors, deck railing…) Sigh. This has been frustrating, infuriating, aggravating, disappointing…

I was so angry 2 weeks ago that I called DH to tell him we were putting the house & farm on the market & moving to the beach!


This is the chandelier from our old house. I love it.


The good news – we are almost finished building this house. I don’t even have the energy to add another exclamation point.


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