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Bathroom Granite

January 27, 2016

Our bathroom granite was delivered late Monday, installation having been delayed last Friday because of frozen precipitation. I had been on the run all morning delivering DH to the airport since my Prius is still in the shop, so I had forgotten about the granite until I walked into the guest bathroom to check on Moxie.


Lovely surprise! This is actually marble which is known to stain easily…but I really wanted white in here.


Now to check the master bathroom…


I love this granite. It’s called Colonial White, but so much color!


Upstairs to see the bathroom & bar…




The bar granite is called Magma. If I had known I would choose something so beautiful I would have had Johnny make the bar bigger…had a custom desk built for DH…hung it on the walls…


I love the sink I found on It is reclaimed copper & it was on sale! Woo Hoo!

It’s safe to click on the Wayfair link – I am not an affiliate so I don’t make any money on purchases. I have been very pleased with everything I have purchased there.

Oh! The granite is from Prestige Marble & Granite in Columbia, TN. Ask for Shea – she’s a sweetheart!


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