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You Won’t Believe What I Did Today

February 12, 2016

I painted the medallion on the ceiling in the dining room to match the chandelier that I brought from our old house.


Darrell the electrician texted me one morning, “You are going to need a medallion for the dining room light.” So I ran by Home Depot & bought one.
Darrell installed it. Billy the painter made it look like it was part of the original ceiling & painted it the color of the walls as I instructed.


With furniture arriving imminently, I had to get on the ball. There will be no way to get to the light fixture once the dining room table is placed. A run to Hobby Lobby for paint & brushes… mine have been in storage for 2 years now…


Then to borrow a ladder. Wayne, the head guy of our builder’s crew was more than happy to unload an 8-foot ladder from his truck & stand it under the chandelier.


I haven’t painted at all in… ages! I haven’t painted a faux finish anything since…we lived in Memphis… This could be interesting, but hopefully not too embarrassing since Johnny’s guys, Corey the trim guy with a helper & Billy the painter with his crew were all witnesses. They would take turns walking into the dining room, look up at the ceiling & me, then say something like, “That’s tedious, ain’t it?” or “Watch those light bulbs, they get hot.” or “Looking good.”


Four hours later, without a break for water or lunch, it was finished. Not too bad.

I fed Moxie, secured her in the barn & headed to the apartment to unload the freezer. Not happening. Too tired.
But I did decide to Post the photos for you to see.

IMG_2499 (1)

Movers come early in the morning. DH flies in around 7am. Harry is supervising granite installation & Johnny the builder until I arrive well into the afternoon with a loaded U-Haul truck, moving help & DH. Lu is spending the night with Carole & Harry.

Oh my goodness, are we really going to get out of this apartment & into our house?

By the way, we passed the electrical inspection this morning! And I have a burn on each upper arm from brushing against the hot chandelier light bulbs.


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