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Finishing Touches

February 26, 2016


The tile guys are here today creating the tile backsplash in the kitchen that I designed for them with pencil & paper.


Surprise – a red pick-up with Tile Unlimited on the front windshield was waiting for us when DH & I returned from quick errands “in town” early this morning. I didn’t know they were coming today. I thought today would be a quiet day ahead of the storm tomorrow (Friday) when the moving vans arrive with our furniture that has been in storage for 2 years. I won’t be unloading anything this time or carrying any rugs, boxes or chairs as I did when we moved the apartment here 2 weeks ago, but I imagine it is going to be an exhausting, stressful day.


Yesterday, Darrell the electrician & his son Matthew were here finishing the lighting under the deck, attaching the generator to the “pig tail” Darrell had installed months & months ago & installing the final outlet in the floor for me. It took them all day, bless their hearts. They are the sweetest, most thorough, perfectionist guys. What a pleasure it has been to work with them!


Johnny the builder & his son came about mid-day yesterday. Johnny needed to check his measurements for the bookcase in the library one final time & for the Great Room mantel he is creating. His big, old, ugly truck with a Bicentennial license plate on the front is still parked outside our garage. He will load the remaining construction trash & cardboard for recycling on it when he finally removes it.


My backsplash design is not working perfectly because of the light switches that had to be placed along the wall. I had planned 12 decorative tiles, 7 on the prep sink side, 5 on the main wall. There is no way to place the tiles at the end of the wall because of electrical outlets & light switches very close together.


The guy in the black hoodie goes outside into the cold to cut the tile with a special saw using running water from the hose. Today that is a very uncomfortable job.


The guy in the plaid shirt is in charge & he is an artist. I think I mentioned that back a few months ago when he was tiling the floors & showers… Oh my goodness! I never posted about the tile guys & the wonderful, challenging job they have had! That was back in November, about the time my software died & I had to start winging it with a basic WordPress site. Oh well, let me catch you up with some photos:

I wanted all the tile in the house set on its point, considered diagonal in the tile business.

It requires about 1/3 more tile…

…but it looks really cool.

The floors were a challenge…

…but the walls were a bear!


Oh look, shower doors!

Anyway, these guys have done a beautiful job with my crazy idea of tile on point.


Disappointed that all 12 tiles won’t be used, Mr. Plaid Shirt drew out a design to add 2 tiles above the cooktop cubby. Excellent!


I have watched HGTV shows for years wondering where one would find craftsmen to create the amazing homes & decor on television. Well, I have found them in Maury County! From our architect to our builder to our electrician to the tile guys & lots of guys in between!

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