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Not-So-Mute Monday: It’s Been Crazy!

March 14, 2016

One month ago today we moved the apartment into the new house.

Side Note: I highly, very highly recommend Tennessee Valley Movers, Tommy’s Team, for any moving needs! I will be using them again!

Little things needing to be done. Punch List.
Woody the Plumber installed the Pot Filler over the cooktop & tightened the fitting on the cold water faucet of the upstairs bar.
Hoping the kitchen cabinet doors will be installed today…with the glass shelves.

Last week was busy.



I drove to the Crossville area to pick up my Great Pyrenees pups, Mason & Dixon, entertained our retired pastor & his wife & had a new bed delivered. Sunday passed without incident.


Monday, Dixon seemed a bit quieter. Tuesday, he would barely lift his head & had stopped eating. Wednesday, Dixon started (don’t read this if you are eating breakfast or have a weak stomach) started vomiting Roundworms. If you have seen them before you never forget – they look like spaghetti noodles. (Bet I can guess what you aren’t serving for dinner tonight!) I could wait no longer.


I called my canine vet, Dr. Mark Ingram. “Dr. Mark is in the hospital.” He had a bicycle injury that deteriorated & oh no, he had to be hospitalized for a serious infection. “My 7 week-old Pyre pup has Roundworms. The breeder said she treated him, but do you think we can treat him again (a week ahead of the scheduled treatment) now? He looks really bad.” “Sure. Bring him in. We’ll get the paperwork done & better bring them both.”

IMG_2686 (1)

Mason & Dixon take a ride in the back of the Prius to Dr. Mark’s office. Instant hit with the staff! Two precious Pyre puppies, one big & fluffy, one small & quiet weighed then dosed with Roundworm killer. Home again.


Thursday morning: Mason is still his big, fluffy sweet self. Dixon will not lift his head. During the night, more worms vomited. Time to call Moxie Kitty’s vet (, Dr. Kathy at Little House Animal Hospital. Deborah the receptionist: “You must bring him in! We have an opening at 10 am. Come!” Bless her heart!

IMG_2677 (1)

Dixon only gets a ride to Little House. Weight: down half a pound from yesterday. Not good. Dr. Kathy is out of town. Dr. Allison Pace walks in & stops. “I think this pup has Parvo Virus.” Examination begins. “We need to keep Dixon, give him some fluids & do a Parvo test. No doubt he has Roundworms but what else is going on we need to find out.” So I leave my little sick pup.

Driving home I get a call, “Dixon has Parvo Virus. We have started an IV & treatment. We will see how he does, hopefully see him improve by morning. We need to check Mason tomorrow.”

Friday morning: from Little House, “Just wanted you to know that Dixon did fine during the night. He has stopped vomiting & seems to feel better. We may try some food later today. We will see you at 2pm with Mason.”


Friday: Load Mason into the Prius for his tests at Little House. He has maintained his weight. No vomiting, worms or anything else. Lungs clear. Cutest pup in the world. Mr. Personality. Uh oh – stool specimen. Parvo Virus test negative! Hurrah! Parvo Vaccine administered. I put Mason in the car & visited Dixon in the isolation kennel. Poor puppy!
He stood up & whined – that IV didn’t feel good, plastic collar around his neck. He immediately laid down with his head on his paws, a radio with classical music playing in the background. Poor puppy.


I notified the breeder that there is problem with at least one pup. Not happy with her!

Friday evening: phone call from Little House – uh oh. “This is Dr. Pace. I just wanted to let you know that Dixon is doing fine. We have given him a bit of food & he was ravenous! We will give him a bit more later tonight & again in the morning if he is tolerating it. As long as he continues to progress you can pick him up tomorrow around noon. He will go home with medicines, but so far so good.” Relief!

Saturday morning: from Little House, “This is Dr. Frevert. Dixon has done really well & can come home today. He would eat everything in sight if we would let him, but we need to still limit him, feeding every 2 hours or so. He will also need to be isolated from Mason for a week. We close at noon so please arrive around 11:30 & we will talk about his meds & hopefully have the results of Mason’s stool specimen.”

IMG_2687 (1)

Excellent! No quiet Saturday morning on Arrow’s Keep Farm!
Dear Husband & I construct an isolation kennel in the garage. I drive to Spring Hill for puppy piddle pads. Woo Hoo! Puppy is coming home today!
Driving up our driveway hill, I swing quickly into my spot outside the garage. No, I can’t park in the garage yet because of furniture & boxes. DH? Of course he parks his little toy-of-a-car inside!
I get out to unload piddle pads & hear, “Pppsssttt!” OH NO! I picked up a giant screw in the tread of my tire!
Unload the pads & set them in the kennel area. Go upstairs to find DH vacuuming – good man.
Get out the book, find the jack & spare tire, change the tire. Look at the clock – got to get to Little House!

Leave everything on the gravel driveway. Jump into DH’s little toy & head for Grassland & Little Hosue.

In a small examination room we wait. “Mason has Giardia ( & Coccidia ( He will need to be treated for this & the Roundworms that Dixon has. We will not have Dixon’s specimen results until Monday, but it’s safe to say he has the same things. Evidently Dixon’s immune system was compromised enough that it allowed the Parvo to take hold. Mason is stronger but we don’t want him to fail.” Given a bag of meds, a bag of easily digested food for Dixon, & finally Dixon, outside the isolation kennel! Poor little puppy had his IV & plastic head collar removed. The assistant handed him to me & I got kisses from my puppy!

Why do these two pups have intestinal parasites. I have some talking to do with a breeder!

Home. Unload Dixon into his isolation kennel in the garage. Drive my Prius with the small spare tire to Roberts Toyota in Columbia. I love Road Hazard insurance!

While I am at Roberts, I get many text messages, “Dog is bonkers.” “You have a Houdini.” (Note the “you.”) “He is out faster than I can put him in.” “The dog is barking like a crazy dog.” “If there is a hole he finds it.” “Afraid dog is going to wear self out.” “We have a major lady bug issue.” “Unbelievable! They are coming out of the insulation in the attic & in the screen porch. Millions.”
Funny. When the boys were young, we had 2 Lhasa Apsos, 2 Golden Retrievers & a cat. DH was working 24/7…& so was I! He had absolutely no idea what I was doing at home with Houdinis, crazy, noisy critters & the wonderful, exhausting life of a young mother. Looking back, those were the best days of my life! Fun! Exhausting! Exciting! Exhausting!

So funny!

Mason: good, big dog whines a bit when we walk away from the outside dog yard. Dixon: sings at the top of his lungs all the time when in the garage.

Mason medicated & kenneled in the sleeping place, whined a bit when I walked away until I started singing “Jesus loves me.” Now sleeping.
Dixon medicated, fed with a bit of dry Eukanuba puppy food added to the vet food, iPod playing my classical playlist, finally he is asleep. Oops! I hear him singing again. So very glad the garage is on the opposite side of the house from our bedroom. Poor Lucy who sleeps in the laundry room.

Moxie fed & locked in the barn.
Lucy fed & upstairs with us.

It’s been an exhausting day. An exhausting week.

God is good. All the time.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for our little pup, Dixon. The Lord God made the animals. He made the first wolf walk toward man’s campfire & from that we have Man’s Best Friend, the dog. They greet us when we come home from work. They snuggle with us & bring comfort. They are our furry children that we don’t have to send to college.

Genesis 1:25 God made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind; and God saw that it was good.


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