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It’s Been A While…why do I keep saying that?

August 17, 2016

Farm life is busy… & I mean very busy in the summertime. Gardening. Bush-hogging the pastures. Canning pickles, salsa, tomatoes. Making jams & jellies. Freezing veggies & berries. From dawn till dusk I’m working.

Coming from the kennel

I didn’t mention the pups, Mason (blue collar) & Dixon (red collar). They are keeping me really


    Lucy waiting

    The Great Pyrenees puppies are now 7 months old, weigh around 70 lbs & dominate quite a bit of my time.

    M&D don't get to come in the house often...

    M&D don’t get to come in the house often…

    They are learning certain words: pond, porch, pasture, pool – I bought them a kid’s wading pool so they could cool off on really hot days.


    Mason is learning “walk slowly,” “whoa!” & “easy,” all for use while we are walking – they on their leashes, me in my running shoes!

    Dixon is always a bit slower to learn. This could be because of his Parvo Virus early in life. He was a really sick pup in the beginning.

    They are learning. They are definitely growing. They are the calmest, sweetest pups imaginable.

    Laying down

    Last weekend our dearest friends came for a visit to see the house for the first time. (They hiked up the hill with us the first month we owned the property 2 years ago before any work had begun.)

    Tasting Mom's hand

    They also got to meet the boys…the puppy boys.

    Back to the kennel

    Dave said the best thing he liked about our farm is the dogs. Yep. Me, too!


    Just a reminder of how small & adorable they were last March.



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