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We Have Hens post script

September 24, 2016


The chicken coop is now in what was the dog yard. Seemingly safe. I leave for choir practice. DH wants to mow the front & back lawns with his new lawn mower.

It ain't pretty but it's up!

It ain’t pretty but it’s up!

“Keep the pups in the garage until we are sure they won’t go over the fence,” says I. “They don’t want to be in the dog yard. They won’t go in.” Hmm…
While I am at choir practice I turn my phone off – no distractions, only music for an hour & a half. When I get to my car after practice I turn the phone on to text DH that I am rolling home from church. This is what I find:

“dogs bad”
“found dixon in pen with chicken in mouth – one was running to front porch – I caught it – dogs locked in garage”
“chickens are all accounted for but pretty scared”
“bad dogs asleep”

Not good.

So Thursday I placed insulators & ran wire around the chicken yard, installed our very old electric fence charger & waited to see dogs touch the wire with their noses & get a shock. Nothing! Evidently the charger is dead. (Anyone else ready for autumn weather? I drank all the water I could get down while working, a quart of coconut water, a big bowl of bone broth after & still had horrible leg & foot cramps all night! This heat is going to kill me!)
Off to Tractor Supply for a new charger Friday morning.

Mason sniffing the not-working electric fence.

Mason sniffing the not-working electric fence.

New charger installed. Lines all the way around checked for no grounding. Safe at last…I hope!


All 8 hens came out at the same time to graze for the very first time!


Post-Post Script:
While I was bush-hogging the top of the hill I saw Dixon heading for the chicken yard. I followed quietly…well, as quietly as I could on a tractor. He lay down next to the tarp side of the yard in the shade, lifted his head & touched the electric fence. “Yelp! Yelp” He was off like a shot across the driveway & away from the chickens! SUCCESS! Poor puppy.


SAFE AT LAST! at least from dogs…

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