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Sweet Potato Harvest

October 4, 2016


Weather finally cooled so I decided to tackle the sweet potato bed that I planted months & months ago & never touched again.


I have not tried to grow sweet potatoes before so this was an experiment. I wanted to prepare another bed for moving strawberries & thought I would let the plant break up the dirt for me. I had no idea what would happen.


I bought 1 package of small plants marked “Sweet Potatoes” at Lowe’s late last Spring, covered a 5-foot by 4-foot area outside the garden fence with cardboard then poured out 3 big bags of organic garden soil on top.

Mason wanted to help dig, then wanted to take a nap where I was working.

Mason wanted to help dig, then wanted to take a nap where I was working.

The slips were planted in the dirt then covered with pine straw as a mulch. Nothing else for about 2 weeks when I suddenly wondered if I should treat the sweet potatoes like white potatoes & cover the emerging leaves with more soil. So I did. Once.


Lots of vining leaves covered the area even invading under & through the garden fence. Lots of leaves. Periodically I would yank a bunch out or I think they would have taken over the top of our hill.


The bed was well watered with a sprinkler on a timer.


To harvest, I thought it best to pull the vines off the top then work my way down. I could not believe what I found! Sweet potatoes! Huge sweet potatoes! Just brush the dirt off the top & there they are! Pounds & pounds & pounds of sweet potatoes! Have you ever seen a 6-lb sweet potato?

6 lb!

6 lb!

I haven’t weighed them all yet but I’m thinking there is well over 50 pounds, gosh, maybe 75 pounds of sweet potatoes! It took all my strength to pull the garden cart up to the house & into the garage.


If you are coming for Thanksgiving, plan on eating sweet potatoes. Sweet Potato Pie. Sweet Potato Muffins. Sweet Potatoes Praline. Sweet Potato Soup. Raw Sweet Potato Salad. Sweet Potatoes baked, candied, every way I can possibly think to prepare them!

I’ll post a recipe tomorrow.


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