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Arrow’s Keep Farm

February 22, 2017

the beach

Obligatory trip to a sunny Florida beach accomplished. DH makes me go. He knows I need to step away from the chores even though I love our farm on the top of our hill. I also need sunlight – clear, warm, health-giving sunlight – as opposed to the often-gray Winter days of middle Tennessee.


With critters inhabiting this farm, leaving is a challenge. Must have someone on site to let hens in & out & collect eggs, feed & pet pups, feed & pet Moxie, feed & let Lu in & out… Always something to do…
My best friend’s son agreed to house/pet/farm sit for us. So grateful for him. Great kid! Fine young man!
The note that greeted our return:

P.S. – one of your chickens laid the biggest egg I’ve ever seen yesterday. It is in the garage fridge and it deserves a prize.

Of course, we ran to check out the egg & it was whopper! The question was whether it was a double-yolker or triple. It was huge!


DH cracked the giant for breakfast – definitely a double-yolker, but usually the 2 yolks are small. Not this time! Two very large yolks!


Our hens change weeds & feed & kitchen scraps into the most delicious, nutritious eggs!


Egg customers are beginning to line up so I must call Myron for more hens this Spring.


The weather has been so moderate the winter greens in the garden are trying to go to seed. But that’s OK. I pinched their flower heads & tossed them to the hens. I need to cook collards…or sell them…



But the garden, everything looks awful right now. Weeds galore in the raised beds. Berry bramble not pruned & putting out leaves.


Asparagus bed needs expanding.

Asparagus Bed

Asparagus Bed

I have so much work to do…



…& continue to battle rabbits enjoying the garden greens…with the puppies & Moxie Kitty sitting by watching!


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