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Busy Week On The Farm

May 12, 2017

It has been a typically busy week here on the farm.

I have finally started bush-hogging the front pasture. The grass is too high to introduce cattle or goats currently, so I’m knocking it down a bit hoping to have grass-eating critters soon.

Of course the grass is so high I can’t see all the obstacles – like this stump that knocked the mower & tractor off & required me to make a call to DH to find out how to reset the silly thing when the tractor wouldn’t restart. Dangerous! Especially when the tractor starts sliding on a hill when I’m trying to cut along the upper fence.

Pups had their 1st visit to a Columbia vet. They caused quite a commotion in the waiting room coming & going. Sweet boys weigh 100 lbs. 9 oz.each. They should continue growing & adding weight for another 8 months or so.

If they are not aggravating hens, they are resting in the shade.

The hens continue turning greens from the garden into eggs. Now if they will just eat all the ticks that are covering the pups, DH & me!

Have a good weekend!

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