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The Goats Are Here Part 2

July 1, 2017

Bobby arrived with his son Sloane riding shotgun. Sloane wanted to make sure this was going to be a good place for the goats to live.

Tailgate on the trailer lowered, goats walked out, me holding onto puppy collars so the dogs wouldn’t scare the goats before they even got their hooves on the ground. Pups were definitely curious & the goats were wary, though they were around dogs at Bobby’s place.

Everywhere they walked Mason followed. Dixon was curious but not as much as Mason.

The goats were not quite comfortable being followed so they kept walking through the tall pasture grass. Bobby & Sloane left so I followed Mason following the goats. Mama Goat, Honey, doesn’t know me & wasn’t ready to allow me near her kid, Rain, so she kept walking. Mason & Dixon slowly walked the perimeter with me walking directly behind the goats guiding them to the smaller fenced area within the big pasture. Calmly the goats made their way inside, eating bites of grass as they went.

Now time to let everyone settle down & get to know each other. Mason stays right with the goats. Honey Goat keeps her eyes on me. Dixon decides to stand in the water trough while he gets a drink.

Getting down to work immediately the goats start eating grass, brush, blackberry bushes & my favorite, poison ivy! Exactly why I bought them!

The only problem so far, whenever the pups hear a stick break because a goat has stepped on it, they stand up, bark & move toward the goats. I guess they have learned in their 17 months of life that there may be trouble. Retraining to start immediately!

After Mason gets his drink out of the trough, time for the pups to join me in the pick-up & head back up to the top of the hill.. I don’t quite trust them yet with the goats alone. I want the goats to have some time to find the feed, salt & water without the pups pestering them.

Betcha puppies head back down as soon as they eat their treats!

Got to foam-roll my glutes/lats/quads & hang upside down – I love my inversion table. Stupid back spasm!
WooHoo! We have Tennessee Fainting Goats at Arrow’s Keep Farm!

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