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She’s Gone.

August 16, 2017

Lucy Queen of Narnia, my Cairn Terrier, celebrated her 17th birthday at the end of July.
Lucy went to doggy heaven Monday, August 14th at 4:10pm.

It was time. She was unable to walk more than a couple of steps without having a hypoxic seizure. She could only eat a few bites at a time because of her weak heart.

I was ready to put her down the previous Friday – it had been a long week of seizures & no eating & her not letting me out of her sight. Even when I carried her to where I was working, the stress of being carried sent her into seizures.

DH was not ready. He wanted another weekend with our girl.

She did get to eat our homegrown raw carrots when DH made a salad. She did get to lick the bowl that he scrambled eggs in. But it was more & more evident that she was at the end.

She watched me with her big brown eyes, I imagine she was wondering why I couldn’t fix this problem. I’m Mom! I fix everything for everyone! If she had a cocklebur stuck on a paw, I removed it. When she needed to be fed or go out or be rescued from the wet cement of the house footings, I was there!

This time, I couldn’t fix her. I could have brushed her teeth more. I could have not fed her from my plate & kept her weight a bit lower. But what would that have accomplished? Giving her 17 1/2 or 18 years?

Her Aunt Carole & Aunt Jane came over Sunday to love on her & encourage me.

But it was time.

Monday afternoon I loaded Lu into my little Prius, placed her in her bed that she has ridden miles & miles & miles in (after having ridden many, many miles in my old Suburban) & she settled right down. The folks at Maury County Veternary Hospital were very kind to DH & me. The assistant, the vet were kind & gentle to her.

She received a sedative which made her wobbly, leaning against my arm then lying down. Then the “go to doggy heaven” shot. With her head resting on my arm she went right to sleep.

That evening, sitting upstairs in front of the nutbox – I don’t even know what was on, I kept looking to my left to check on her…but she wasn’t there.
For the first time in 17 years, she wasn’t there.

She’s gone.

  1. August 16, 2017 8:33 am

    I’m so sorry D&T about your Lucy. She lived a good life and had the best Mom and Dad that any pup could! Monday morning I said a prayer for comfort and peace for you…repeated that just now.

  2. August 16, 2017 8:47 am

    Tami and David I am so sorry. I am crying as I walk your walk with her and remember saying goodbye to some of my sweet babies. You were each others love and joy. You will always have her in your hearts. She could not have had a better life or home. I know there is a doggie heaven and she is there running, jumping, have a great time and waiting for you. Leslie

    • August 16, 2017 9:09 am

      And looking for something to eat and something to growl at and chase!

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