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Farm Life Adventures

April 29, 2018

We have had so many connectivity issues in the past few months I have stoped trying to Post to this site. Sorry. Maybe I can even get a photo or two to upload…
Nope. Just words. No photos. I’ll try tomorrow. Enjoy the story…our farm life.

Farm Life Adventures: Sunday morning…
Up top animals fed, driving down the driveway to church.
Heidi is outside the pasture fences.
All the billies are at the first gate (nearest the house) baaing. She is also baaing.
Stop the vehicle. I get out and walk to the gate in my dress and heels. DH starts toward the house side of her to keep her within reach. She runs straight down the pasture.
DH walks back up to the vehicle, which ain’t easy for him, to close the gate to the portable fence where she escapes.
I walk straight down the pasture, inside the fence, to the pedestrian gate. Heavy dew last night, my legs and feet and shoes are soaking wet.
I get to the gate and open it outward, encouraging her to come toward me. The next thing I know a giant white fluff ball is running full speed toward me. Heidi goes stiff and turns the wrong way. As directed Masons sits – miracle! I walk house-side to get Heidi walking again, preferably toward the gate. When I take my position again near the gate to keep the babies from coming out Mason slaps me with his paw – he wants to be petted.
Heidi goes in. The baby billies do not get out. I walk back up the hill to the car to drive to church.
So glad I had a fresh handkerchief with which to dry my legs, feet and shoes.
Never a dull moment when one has farm critters…even on the Lord’s Day.

PS After church: after lunch I noticed that all the hens were walking around scratching in front of the house. Good news: puppies were sleeping.
This must be get out of the fence day at Arrow’s Keep Farm!


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