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Friday’s Egg Letter

July 6, 2019

Happy Fifth of July! How amazing is our God to found a nation based on freedom, liberty. Just like our life in Christ – “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!” Praise His Name!
Who needs eggs? I have plenty for everyone! (Don’t you love the sunshiney months? The hens do!)

Yesterday was a big day: the 4th of July and moving day for the little billies! Read all about it here: Bucks Are Up Top!
Next week I will get busy finding a Fainting Goat stud billy to “rent” when I decide approximately when I want kids arriving. Late December or early January would be perfect for timing the market – Easter dinner, but wintertime kidding is a pain for me having to be close and possibly bottle in the dark cold.

The hens are happy birds, eating, drinking lots of water, digging holes to take dust baths everywhere.

Blackberries are still making and the Brown Thrushes nest has fluffy little baby birds now. Rabbits are decimating some of the blackberries and all of the sweet potatoes that I replanted just a week ago. DH’s tomatoes and peppers are OK for now.

Our Nectarine tree is covered with gorgeous colored fruit that are still hard as a rock.

Let me know if you want eggs on Sunday!

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