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Off To The Processor

August 13, 2019

The day had arrived.  It was time to take this year’s billies to the processor to change them from goats to chevon.


I have caught billies to take them to the sale barn & it was an adventure because they were in the front pasture, space not restricted & I ran myself to death!

This time the billies were in the small pen near our house & being quite shy, their mothers didn’t let me get near them when they were little, plus I was caring for the bottle-babies & didn’t try to give the newbies a lot of attention.

When approached for the past month since I moved them up from the pasture, they run to the shelter even when I am in the pen feeding them.  I assumed, correctly, that they would head to the pen this time, too.


Hair has to go up into my ball cap before the capture begins.

I should have grabbed the white one first since he is larger & was going to be more difficult, but the little black & white fainted immediately when I stepped inside the shelter so I grabbed his back legs to gently pull him across the yard to the pick-up.

DH lowered the turned-off electric fence section of mesh for me to get him nearer the truck then reset the fence so the white billy could not escape.  DH opened the doors of the truck for me & Dixon Great Pyrenees stepped right up preparing to jump into the truck for a joyride in the air-conditioning.  “NO!”  I raised my voice at pupster, grabbed his collar while hanging onto the goat with the other arm.  DH stopped taking photos & videos to grab Dix, whose feelings had been hurt by my yelling & slowly walked up to the garage with his tail tucked.


1st goat loaded, now to catch the last one.

Instead of running to the shelter to get away from me, smart-aleck goat ran down into the high weeds where the two have been eating the past month.  The good news – they have eaten almost all the briars & blackberry canes!  Hurrah!  No scratches!  The bad news: rocks, holes, stumps, ticks, low tree branches.


Mason & Dixon love to ride in the pick-up as long as the air-conditioner is on ‘high’!

It took me a few times of walking behind him as he made the circuit before DH stepped into the pen & made white billy stop running away & take refuge in the shelter.  Whew!  Sheesh!  I approach speaking quietly to him reaching my hands out slowly.  He was having none of it!  Running back & forth inside the shelter trying to see a way of escape, he comes close enough for me to attempt to grab his horns.  That did it!  He fainted…sort of…  I was able to grab his back legs & hang on!  He did not stay still or quiet!  He was loud & wiggly & tried everything he could to escape my grasp, but I hung on!  Hefted him up & breathed a big sigh of relief.


You can’t see him, but the goat is in front of me & to the right!

I jumped into the pickup, flipped the thing into 4-wheel drive & headed up to the driveway.  DH went inside to grab my water bottle for me when I remembered I had put supper in the Instant Pot which should be almost ready for me to add the final touches for when I returned home.  I set the water bottle in the cup-holder, turn the AC up & told the little billies I would be back in just a bit.

Last year I gave #3 son & DIL an Instant Pot for Christmas.  I had heard they were wonderful for quick meal prep.  Well, Amazon Prime Days, otherwise known as Christmas in July, offered an excellent price so I bought one for myself!  Along with Maria  Emmerich’s Keto Instant Pot Cookbook.  Oh my goodness!  Low carb/ketogenic recipes that can be prepared so quickly with this little pressure cooker that doesn’t heat up the house.  Did you hear me?  IT DOES NOT HEAT UP THE KITCHEN NOR THE HOUSE!  I use my pressure cooker to ‘can‘ salsa, pickles, everything & I assure you it heats up the house!  I have to bring it up to pressure on the cooktop & wait for the pressure to build & then maintain the pressure, then cool it down…


The Instant Pot comes to pressure without the exterior heat!  I LOVE IT!  By the way, every recipe I have made from Maria’s book is delicious!  The leftovers are delicious!  She has delicious recipes!  …I digress…

The billies waited for me, cooled down & calmed down.  We started our journey to Lynnville, TN, about 20 miles south of us.  We had an uneventful drive, praise the Lord!

I talked to them.  Of course,  I did!  I sang to them.  Of course, I did!  We made our way to Waco Rd, turned left, drove through a lovely little town (more about it later), headed out of town & found our way to Light Hill Meats.  Only one problem – their sign said “Stone’s Meat Processing.”  No worries.  I pulled in, walked inside & asked if this was Light Hill Meats.  “Yes!”  Good.  I apologized for being so dirty & explained that I am The Gentlewoman Farmer.  The office manager was gracious & kind & non-judgmental.  She asked me to back into the unloading area, when I explained that the billies were inside the truck, not in the back.  She called two guys who were working inside the cool room, there were a number of guys processing numerous animals in there, who came to unload the billies for me. Thanks!  Funny how big men can man-handle critters with ease, yet I sweat (yes, I don’t glow, I sweat!) & strain & use my weightlifting muscles…

IMG_4221 (1)

Anyway, the goats were unloaded & tagged with numbers placed in their fur on their backs.  Then all the people went inside to make plans.  “How do you want them prepared?”  “I’m not sure.”  “Well, do you want any ground meat?”  “I don’t think so.  I know that with lamb, there are shoulders & ribs & chops.  Maybe that’s the way these should be prepared.”  “Good idea.  OK, so do you want stew meat?”  “Yes.”  “How much?”   “I have no idea!”

Fortunately one unloading guy who raises Tennessee Fainting Goats stepped in.  “How about 1 shoulder roast & the other cut into stew meat?”  “Excellent!”  “They are very lean so there is no reason to cut ribs.”  “OK.”  “Are there any other special cuts you want?”  “Yes.  I want the liver, kidneys, fat atop the kidneys, testicles & brains.  Also, can you save their skins?  I was told there is a tanner near us who can work with the skins if you can freeze them for me.”  “Sure, we can save them.”

Anything else?  Nope!  Time for me to leave.  They will call me when the chevon is ready. One chevon has been purchase & will be flash-frozen & shipped to Dallas, TX.  The other is being sold piecemeal.  If you are in the market for fresh, locally raised chevon, give me a holler!

I jump into the pick-up heading home.  Until I made a detour, but that is another Post.


I did, however, find a tick imbedded in my scalp the next morning.  When I arrived home I undressed & showered but obviously did not do the thorough tick check I should have.

After farm work the following morning, I showered & scrubbed my hair when I found…uh oh…whatever that is, it should not be on my head.  Jump out of the shower, throw on a robe, grab a cotton swab (Q-Tip) & find DH!  He dabs coconut oil on my scalp & begins twirling the tick, clockwise, counter-clockwise, over & over until the horrible parasite backs out.  No blood – so even though it was in my scalp, it had not accessed my blood supply.  ICK!


Until next time!




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