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Dear Husband’s Surprise Gifts

August 16, 2019

While driving through the lovely town of Lynnville, TN to deliver the billy goats to the meat processor, I noticed a sign pointing to a local distillery on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail.  OK, that’s nice.  Who knew?


First things first – get the goats dropped off!  I did & have already told you about that.

Now headed home, I see another sign on the way through town: only 2 miles after a left turn.  Well, why not!  The town is lovely & I have supper ready in the Instant Pot, let’s see what’s 2 miles away on the Whiskey Trail.


Tenn South Distillery was on the right so I turned in.  A few people were there, some sweet, local young ladies were serving behind the bar when I walked in.  I asked them to excuse my appearance, since I was dirty from wrestling little billy goats, smelled like goats & was wearing my hiking boots with not-to-be-seen ankle socks.  I was a sight!  This was the first time I introduced myself as The Gentlewoman Farmer!

They graciously invited me in & I began the tasting of all their distilled spirits.


Drink local! Now it is something we can all do!

Yowzaa!  From blended whiskey to single barrel, to gin (wow!) & really smooth vodka, fruit-infused white lightening to FLAMMABLE WHITE LIGHTENING!  Oh my goodness!  What a way to end a difficult afternoon!  But I still had to drive back to the farm, which is why, I guess, they use communion cups for their samples.


Rather than an herbal Gin, this is a botanical Gin with lemon peel, et al. Delicious!

I texted DH to meet me on the parking pad where we park the pick-up in front of the house so I could surprise him with a gift.  He didn’t know I had found a distillery.


You can’t see just how dirty I actually am!

I drive up & Mason greets me, hoping I will leave the air-conditioner on in the pick-up for him.


DH was curious…

DH finally comes outside…


Liquid is heavy, & I had a lot of liquid in bottles!

…and is he surprised!  I brought him a bottle of each of the spirits I tasted.  Then it was time to conduct a tasting for him, just as it had been done for me…before supper!


I love that local farmers are growing grains for local distillers to produce locally sourced spirits.  Local!  Eat local!  Buy local!  When we support local businesses, local farmers, local anything, we support our communities!  Instead of sending money to the mega-giant-gargantuan enterprises, we put money in the pocket of the guy who lives down the road, who sends his kids to the local school, whose kids take piano lessons from the lady at church…on & on…


Yeah, Walmart & Starbuck’s & every other national/international name we have heard of is right there & possibly a little cheaper than the local store, but Holland’s Pharmacy over there & Tallgrass Meats on Main Street & Mule Town Coffee on the Square – they are local people doing the best they can to provide great service, great products for local folks every single day.

Please, support your local businesses!

Oh, yeah.  DH loved the Single Barrel Whisky & the White Lightening which actually has a flammable sticker on it – it’s 140 proof!  Don’t anybody light a match!

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