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Walter Goes To The Vet

September 19, 2019

Walter comes to Arrow’s Keep Farm!

A new breeding Buck has joined us at Arrow’s Keep Farm!  Walter!

Walter is a registered Tennessee Fainting Goat whose father & grandfather are Grand Champions!  We are expecting great things from this little 3-month-old!  …Just maybe not as quickly as I hoped…wanted to breed the does in October…oh well, whenever.


The backseat of the pick-up is the perfect size to transport goats everywhere!

I thought I had done my job of making sure we bought a healthy kid but after I wormed the pasture nanny goats, I wormed Walter.  I’m sure it was his first time having a medicinal liquid squirted into is mouth.  He even sucked on the syringe.

In the afternoon I noticed that little Walter was hoarse.  His “maa” was raspy & not as loud as earlier in the day.


Walter & T, together 4-ever!

His voice continued to disappear through the following day to the point that I was getting concerned.  DH reassured me that the kid was fine, though everytime I looked, DH was walking outside to “check on Walter,” so I decided to wait one more day before consulting our vet.


An itchy ear is no problem for this little Buck!

The next morning – no improvement at all in his voice, time to call Maury County Veterinary Animal Hospital!  I requested my “goat vet” rather than my “Dixon Pyrenees vet.”  “How about 10am?”  “Perfect!”


Isn’t Walter gorgeous! I love his coat, especially the multi-colored ruff down his back!

Walter weighs 29 lbs., no elevated temperature, lots of goat droppings after having his temp taken & they looked fine.  “I think he is a baby goat just removed from his mama & he has cried more than you realize & gotten hoarse.”  “Really?  That’s all?”  “Yep.”  “Just in case, keep him away from the other goats 1 more week.  Spend some time with him to get him acclimated.  If it gets worse, call me.”  Thanks, Dr. Reynolds!  We also discussed the new theory of worming goats, which used to be a monthly task.  Nope!  More watching.  Less medication.  That’s good news!  Especially since Heidi Nanny never cooperates with worming & she is as healthy as a horse…uh…Nanny Goat!


Wearing an old dog collar & using Lucy’s old leash, Walter is a lap-goat.


Love on Walter.  Let Walter meet the big dogs, which he did this morning & loved them!  He was very curious when Mason & Dixon were romping around wrestling, even following them from inside his pen.

While surrounded by predators (dogs) in the vet’s waiting room, Walter sat in my lap quietly, even snuggling & dozing off.  Progress!

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