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Separating The Herd part 2

September 28, 2019

Let’s try this again…now that the goats have discovered my ulterior motive for approaching them…  

GG absolutely refused to come into the feeding area.  Refused!  Heidi & Dot moved up toward the middle of the central pasture fence to comfort Jumper, who had found her way there to be near Heidi Mama.  Dot was staying with her mama, Heidi, as well.  Joy decided to stay with GG.  That surprised me.  It’s not like they have ever been close, but Heidi can be aggressive so I guess Joy thought staying nearer to GG & to me was a better option.  Or so she thought…

I herded, ran, called, sang, ran some more…everything I could think of to get Barb little goat to the corner of the fence.  DH drove the pick-up into the central pasture with the dogs still in the cab – their favorite place as long as the air-conditioner is on full blast – to start “running” the goats.  The truck is faster than I am & with 2 of us working them, maybe we could accomplish this after all.  Maybe…

The truck would go high & I would go behind the goats pushing.  They are in the corner!  Then as I approach they make a break for it, running every whichaway!  Off we go again, me running with my arms spread wide, DH making fast turns in the truck.  The turns & acceleration & reversing & spins got so bad that the dogs had to be let out – they were getting carsick!  Poor things.

For 1 hour & 45 minutes this went on – me running full speed except when I realized I was in deep weeds, running downhill wondering where the gullies & holes & rocks were, then slowed to 3/4 speed…  I was red-faced exhausted.  The goats were exhausted.  They were panting, running more slowly, sometimes walking.  Joy goat would come to me to be petted.  I tried to encourage her away from the chase but she refused.

Finally, GG & Joy had Barb protected from me, up against the fence behind some trees.  They were in a wash area not easy for me to get through…they thought, so did I…until…

Introducing the newest Middle Linebacker in the state of Tennessee – ME!

I couldn’t let them rest because I was at the end of my energy & would be unlikely to finish this chore today if I didn’t snag Barb right now.

Without stopping to think about the consequences, I sprang!  Through the trees, down the gully, over GG & Joy to grab Barb!  The big goats ran away, but I had Barb semi-secured under my body, which I realized was coiled up over the goat, wedged between the fence & the  trees.  DH parked the truck, got out shouting for me to hang on, he was coming.

Uneven ground is very difficult for DH to walk on since his back surgery 18 months go, so he didn’t come fast.  

He kneeled on Barb so I could stand & grab her back legs for the haul up out of the wash, around the trees, to the pick-up.  Whew!  DH did help me lift her into the truck backseat to deliver her to the central pasture.  Good grief!

Delivered to her new pasture, Barb slid out of the truck when Mason entered to get acquainted.   Then she took off running to Jumper.  GG & Joy stayed hidden in the tall grass until we humans & dogs left the pasture.

More to come…


Sweetie, Sissie & Jolly watching all the fun from the cheap seats!

  1. September 28, 2019 10:33 am

    Oh, my…..glad it’s you and not me. I’m exhausted….

    • September 28, 2019 10:43 am

      LOL! Farm life – it ain’t for sissies! Nor for intelligent people who would rather stay in the air-conditioning! Wish I were intelligent!

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