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Separating The Herd part 3

September 29, 2019

I am so glad I put my large water bottle in the pick-up before all the hilarity began!  I was hot, red-faced, tired & not finished yet!

It was time to capture Walter, load the extra water trough into the back of the truck, then deliver Walter to the central pasture.  

Walter was simple to capture – having kept him in the old, fenced garden area meant there would be no running around – good!  DH stepped in first which shocked Walter Buck.  He started to run but instead, his back legs went stiff.  Gotta love those Tennessee Fainting Goats!

I stepped in immediately, picked him up (he’s gained weight!) & loaded him into the back seat, where he had been twice before.  Sweet thing, no crying out, just calmly looked around then lay down.

Off we go, down our back hill to enter the central pasture from the east gate.  This way there would be no wrangling the little nannies out of the way of the truck once we were parked.  Heidi & Dot we’re still consoling Jumper with Barb crying for her mama.  GG & Joy were still hiding in the tall grass & weeds, not getting anywhere near the pick-up.  

We drove Walter near the feeding area & let him out.  He immediately heard the little nannies crying & took off toward the sound.  He has been lonely since coming to our farm, poor little thing.  We moved the truck through the gate & started setting up the new water trough, moving the existing water hose, adding feed to bowls, petting the bottled-three…  Constant motion all around us.

The dogs had joined us, having walked/run down behind the pick-up, & jumped inside while we were working.  Jolly baby nanny tried to follow the dogs so we had to start the engine (air-conditioner) & keep the doors closed.

I called Walter to come to the feed, he had not yet been fed, & he came on the run.  Good!  

Heidi & Dot came to eat, but not GG nor Joy…yet.  The little goats were curious, sniffing at him through the fence, ‘talking’ to him.  Walter did come over to sniff but was much more interested in the feed.  

Heidi & Dot took turns pushing Walter, trying to move him away from the bowls, but with little success.  Walter did not appreciate their forwardness & let them know by standing up on his back feet & butting them both!  Good man!

A good morning’s work.  Time to deliver DH up top to get started working his consulting job.  I needed to feed & water the hens, feed the dogs, get cleaned up, wash & fold laundry, run errands in Columbia, pack for our next-day trip to DC & be ready to leave for choir practice 45 minutes away in Nashville.  

Not finished yet…


Dot & Walter saying, “Hello!”

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