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Separating The Herd part 4

September 30, 2019

I dropped DH at the house then began ‘up top’ chores.  They didn’t take long.

Mason & Dixon jumped back into the pick-up & I headed down the back way to check on Walter & the nannies.  I let the pups out of the truck & kept them out of the pasture so I could walk in quietly.  

Walter was eating & trying to play with Dot. GG & Joy followed me toward the feed.  The little girls continued to talk & cry from the front pasture.

I added a touch more feed to all the bowls, petted the bottled-three, Joy & Dot, then walked back to the truck.  Time to clean up!  Sheesh!  I hadn’t noticed how filthy I was!  Thirsty, too!

Showered, dressed, laundry in the washer, drinking all the water I can hold, DH gives me his shopping list for the Maury County Co-op.  No worries.  I have to buy dog food.  Off I go.

Co-op – ✔️

Dry cleaners – oops, forgot to bring my dress.  🙃

Tallgrass Meat Company – buy something for Sunday after church.  Grass-fed, grass-finished sirloin roast.  Yum! Yum!  ✔️

I finally returned home with DH’s hose splitter which will provide water to both troughs off the main hose attached to the water faucet up at the swing.  I started packing for tomorrow’s trip.

DH returns from the pasture saying, “I cannot believe what I just saw.  I just can’t believe it!”  Well, of course I was curious.  

“I stepped out of the truck to attach the hose splitter.  The little girls were in the corner watching Walter but Jumper was standing beside the gate.  I walked to pick up the hose & Jumper jumped over the gate & is back in the central pasture with the big goats & Walter.  What are you going to do?  I have meetings starting in 5 minutes that go till 4pm.”

What am I going to do?  I will tell you what I did!  I had already cleaned up & dressed for the day.  I was still exhausted from the morning’s romp.  “Are you kidding me?”  I did not have the energy to chase another goat today.  “We will capture her after church & after we visit your mom on Sunday.”

I’m tired again just reading what I did!

Yes, I have one more Post on this…50D468A0-724B-402C-BFDD-967D8711E66D

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