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Last Week’s Egg Customer Letter 11/1/2019

November 5, 2019

I stopped my car to speak to my goats near Mingo Branch Rd.

Friday afternoon on a cooler than normal November 1st – Happy All Saints Day!

Eggs are for sale! You may want to take advantage because as we head into Winter, the laying will decrease… Just sayin’.

Dear Husband and I drove to Fayetteville, TN yesterday to purchase two galvanized metal shelters for the goats. I hope to write the story on my blog and publish it tomorrow.
Anyway, all the goats had shelter last night from the extreme cold. It was 26 degrees on the top of our hill when we awakened this morning! Brr!

The hens are eating me out of house and home right now. I guess it’s the colder weather. Going through two 50lb bags of feed a week right now!

Mason and Dixon are loving the temperatures! They range at night keeping the coyotes at bay and show up for breakfast dancing and ready to play. They have wanted inside the house this week – very unusual. They stay for about a minute then head outside to nap.

Jolly & Sissie rarely feel the need to be with the rest of the herd!

Tomorrow morning will be a cold one so I laid a fire. All I must do in the morning is strike a match. We burn wood, not gas out here. Using a 1,000 gallon gas tank as opposed to being on a continuous flow gas line like city folks, I protect the Liquified Natural Gas supply. So there is old oak, rotten oak and some farm tree wood ready to warm the Keeping Room in the morning. Ahh! Quiet time with my feet warmed by a fire! Must be Autumn!

Let me know if you need eggs!

Tammi Hollis

RODAN+FIELDS Executive Consultant
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