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Walk Like A Turtle! part 1

November 6, 2019

The rainy season in middle Tennessee has arrived but there is a problem, the older pasture goats will not allow my 3 bottle babies to come into the shelter out of the rain.
That is a serious problem because goast do not like rain. Goats, like people, store most of their body fat around their internal organs, unlike cows who wear theirs like a coat on the outside. What that means is that when they get wet, goats get cold & can get sick.

DH & I discussed for a number of weeks what to do. Should we build another shelter like the original…just more plumb. Should we buy a wooden shelter to erect ourselves. Should we hire someone to build a beautiful shelter for us, since we don’t have the skills needed & the results look like “There was a crooked man who built a crooked house…”

The only vendor of the Port-A-Hut galvanized shelters we decided to buy is in Fayetteville, TN, about 70 miles away. When I initially contacted them, no small shelters were in stock, however, their driver was driving to Iowa, to the company who makes them & bringing back a load. He leaves Monday, October 28th & returns Wednesday, October 30th. We should call to make sure they have arrived before driving over.

OK. Got it! Cold rain for days, serious rain, like inches falling while DH & I were at a reunion in Dallas, TX, with Sweetie, Sissie & Jolly standing under the overhanging plastic roofing, not allowed inside where they could huddle together to stay warm. Sniff. Sniff. Mean big goats!

On Wednesday near noon I called Patrick Trailer Sales. “Have the goat shelters arrived?” “No, ma’am. Our driver called just a minute ago. His truck has broken down in Jackson, TN. He’s trying to get it fixed, but we don’t know if he can or when he will get back.” PANIC! October 31st is supposed to be really cold with a strong NW wind. This is not good.

After choir practice, prayers requests are taken. I asked for prayer that the shelters would arrive on time so the baby goats could be warm. My request was met with, “Why don’t you just bring them back into the house.” They weren’t being mean, they just don’t understand how things work on a farm, not to mention that I do not have diapers big enough for 30 – 40 lb goats! I wonder if I could put a Depends on them?

Prayers! I awakened in the night praying for the man, his truck & the shelters. More than once, the Lord told me that they goats were fine & I didn’t need to make alternative shelter arrangements. He assured me the shelters would arrive. I accepted that & continued on until early Thrusday morning, talking with DH about the shelters, we began working on a plan for alternative shelter just in case.

I made the phone call at 9:30am. “Have the shelters arrived?” “Yes, ma’am, they have!” “Great! I am on my way! I will see you in about 2 hours!” Off we went! (The Lord is always Faithful, & He was right, no alternative plan needed. Just a waste of time & energy & fear. “Behold, God is my Salvatoin. I will trust & not be afraid, for the Lord is my Strength & my Song. He has become my Salvation.” Isaiah 12:2)

Fairly easy drive, though the cold wind was whipping at the pick-up. The truck was still being unloaded when we arrived at noon. Come to find out that two flat tires happened near Lawrenceburg early that morning & guys from Patrick Trailer Sales drove down to help replace the tires & get the truck back! (What would have happened had I not prayed for this man?!)

I paid for the shelters then sat on the tailgate of my pick-up since DH was condutcing a meeting on the phone in the cab. COLD! COLD WIND! A delivery truck from Redneck Trailer Supplies arrived & I spoke to the driver, bald-headed & not wearing a hat! He admonished me for sitting in the cold without a proper coat on. When he finished his errand inside he gave me a new ball cap to wear! Better! DH finished his call so I retrieved my insulated coat & gloves from inside the truck – much better!

Finally the crew finished unloading & drove up with 2 shelters hanging from the …lift machine thingy…I don’t know what it’s called. Lowered them into the pick-up bed. Secured them with the tie-downs I had brought & we were off!

This story is too long. I will finish it tomorrow.

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