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Walk Like A Turtle part 2

November 7, 2019

Where was I …
The shelters secured in the pick-up bed, DH & I head for home. The sun sets so early we were concerned the light would be too low to get the shelters placed.

Our first stop was at the house: bathroom, water, gloves, straw bale, big dogs. To the front pasture. Immediately joined by the curious goats. I had to lead them to the bowls & feed them so they wouldn’t be underfoot.
We unloaded the first shelter, me up on top of the cab pushing with my feet to separate the corugated metal, while DH pulled from the ground when they finally slipped apart. 7.5 feet long. 4.5 feet wide. 3.5 feet tall. Weight: 150 lbs. Now to set it exctly where we want it.

Like my view out the back of the truck?

There was no way to slide the shelter in place, too many rocks & tree ‘staubs’ sticking up, so I, always ready to sacrifice my body for my critters, entered the shelter, stood up lifting the shelter on my upper back & shoulders then started walking. With DH lifting the back using the attached metal bar, we moved it to the perfect location near the original shelter, but not too close under the tree. (We lost the top half of the tree during a storm the previous weekend. Yikes!) Secured it in place with three 24-inch pieces of rebar hammered into the ground with a 3lb hammer.

Opening faced toward the originl shelter, the downed half a gum tree is between the two.

Secured the 2nd shelter in the truck again then drove to the central pasture, disturbing the goats as they ate, enough so that Sweetie, Sissie & Jolly followed the truck to help us. Oh good.
Unloaded, placed with me as the turtle again. Back to the front pasture to introduce the metal monstrosity to the goats & give them some raisins & worming treats.

The bottle babies ate almost half a pound of raisins before the other goats realized what was happening! All the goats got their treats, except GG who was being contrary. DH refused to listen to me & lean against the shelter for support, so he was being knocked around by Joy & Dot who have raisin addictions. I walked to GG with raisins & treats as DH retreated to the pick-up.

Both shelters at once.

GG came toward me, so I knelt down – that’s when they struck! Joy, Heidi, Dot & my 3 babies ran through me to get the rainsins. I was down! Laughing, clutching GG’s treat & the box of raisins, the goats were trampling me! Then Heidi & Dot decided to butt heads over me! I yelled for DH to help – he refused. Thanks, dear. I managed to roll up to my knees & stand. Idiot goats! Idiot me! I fed GG her treat, admonished the other goats & walked quickly to the truck. Out of the pasture. Into the shower. Collapse!

Of course, neither DH nor I remembered to bring our phones, so no close-up pics. Sorry.
My friend Pam says it’s time I talked to the goats like a normal farmer & train them the way I did the dogs, to not jump on me. Joy & Dot are well over 100 lbs now & bruise me whenever they jump on me to say “Hello!” & get petted. Yep, it’s time.

PS The temperature was 26 degrees on the top of our hill the next morning. The little goats would have suffered in that cold. Instead they were toasty warm snuggled together down in the straw inside the new shelter & out of the wind.

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