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Pore Cleansing MD System by Rodan + Fields

November 8, 2019

Rodan + Fields’s newest Skincare Tool was introduced in September.
It is the Pore Cleansing MD System!

I have never thought that I have prominent pores, no blackheads to speak of, so why would I want this tool? However, I do like to understand how & why our products are of value to all my customers, so I gave it a try.


On October 18th, I sat down at my bathroom vanity after my shower, having used REVERSE Lightening #1 Deep Exfoliating Wash on my face, neck & décolletage.

    My face was clean!

I applied the Pore Prep Solution, selected the proper tip for cleansing & began.

Oh my word! I thought the tool, on ‘low,’ was going to suck my face off! I was overwhelmed at the force of this tiny tool! Moving the tool as instructed, I cleansed the T-Zone of my face. OK. No big deal, I thought. Then I looked inside the tip… WHAT IS THAT? There was gunk in the tip that had been in my pores, on my face. ICK!

I could see that the pores on my chin & near my eyebrows were gone – invisible, sort of. Obviously smaller, especially after I thought there were no enlarged pores on my face at all!

Today I took time to use the Pore Cleansing MD System for the 2nd time. I could see enlarged pores this time, versus the pores that had been cleansed last month which were tiny. I focused on those areas when I applied the Pore Prep Solution, then began. Again surprised at the force of the vacuum when it touched my face.

Unbelievable! The amount of gunk that is in the tip when I finished was shocking!


R+F recommends using the Pore Cleansing MD System, no more than once a week. I understand that! I also use it at least 24 hours before I have to see anyone – there is a touch of irritation on my sensitive skin afterwards, which clears by the next morning.

I will not wait 3 weeks this time! I will use this incredible Skincare Tool once a week & have cleaner, healthier skin to show for it!

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