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Cystomer Egg Letter 11.15.19

November 16, 2019

Hasn’t it been a beautiful day? Oh my goodness, I have been outside more than I have been inside today & I love it!

I have farm fresh eggs for sale! Who needs eggs?

Only 1 more thing to do and Arrow’s Keep Farm will be ready for Winter – put the heater in the water trough near the bird feeders. That way, not only to the birds have access to water, but so do the big dogs when they come up from the back side of the property.

The goats are secured in the central pasture again because I filled that new shelter with a fresh bale of straw. The goats are hungry with the very cold weather and attack when I try to feed them. It ain’t easy to fill a bucket with feed when goats have their heads in the feed cans, the bucket I am trying to fill & standing on me trying to reach feed! DH went with me this afternoon & distracted them with raisins…which means they took turns jumping on him, but I was able to close the gate & access the feed cans all alone! Whew! What a relief!

I gave the hens a special treat this morning – a very large cake of sunflower seeds & mealworms. They were very pleased.
Egg production is slowing. Not unexpected. Hoping extra protein will keep them laying a bit longer.
I still need to butcher the oldest hens but that hasn’t hit the top of my To-Do List yet.

Moxie Kitty snuggling with me on the very cold morning!

Bitter cold earlier in the week has stopped anything & everything from growing.
Our bird-feeders are set.
All plants are warm & under plant lights.
Moxie Kitty enjoyed the dogs sleeping in the garage that very cold night because she likes to snuggle with Dixon.

Now to sit out on the back deck & enjoy the last of today’s sunshine.
Let me know if you want eggs!

Tammi Hollis

RODAN+FIELDS Executive Consultant
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