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A Quiet Thanksgiving.

November 28, 2019

The boys have not come home. We did not invite guests. Just the two of us for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner.
But that’s OK.

Our Hollis Family Christmas Weekend will be a week early this year, so it seemed a waste for the kids to fly on the busiest flying day of the year!

The cross-stitch Thanksgiving bread napkin Mama Jane made for us many, many years ago!

DH suggested we have Dinner a our favorite restaurant, Mere Bulles, which is in Brentwood. We have done that before & the food is delicious, the atmosphere warm & inviting. Lots of hugs from staff. But that meant getting up early for farm chores, showering, dressing, driving for 45 minutes, eating, then driving for 45 minutes back to the farm. Not the quiet morning I was craving.

I continue to grow dwarf citrus trees. These are oranges – itty bitty oranges that refuse to get ripe!

I suggested that I prepare a turkey breast & just a few trimmings, since DH & I challenged each other for wellness & weightloss when he surprised me with a trip to Miami, FL just a few days before the kids arrive.

The basil did not survive, but the parsley is growing!

Of course he agreed!

Six-pound Turkey Breast, which I put in my Citrus Brine yesterday, in which I used my own herbs which are still growing in the garage under the “grow” light!

Lemon Thyme. Variegated & German Thyme. (My farvorite herb!)

The last of the Sweet Potatoes that I grew a year ago. I had cooked them kept them in the freezer for such a time as this! Sweet Potatoes Praline!

Beautiful bacon lattice. I was inspired by Carole’s turkey a few months ago! Note the gorgeous Sage which has grown outside near the original garden.

Keto Creamed Spinach – which, if I keep ‘tasting’ it, there will be none to serve at Dinner!

I set the table for Autumn a couple of weeks ago…had a friend over for lunch & needed a suitable table setting. Just brought out the Lenox Autumn China (I LOVE my china) & Francis 1 sterling which my mother gave to me before she passed away last year. This is the 1st time I have used it.

Oh good! A pop-out little thingy! Hurrah! I know. I messed up the lattice when I put it on the turkey.

The house is a wreck with boxes & bags of Christmas decorations everywhere. Mason & Dixon & Moxie came inside this morning for petting, conversation & warmth while I was prepping our meal.

All wrapped up until time to free the bacon for crisping!

The hens are enjoying the sunshine. The goats, mainly Sweetie Pie, calls from the front pasture when they hear us talking out back. DH shared a bottle of sparkling wine with me under the portable heaters on the deck at sunrise this morning…

We do have some time issues with when Dinner will be served. The Dallas Cowboys (Dak Prescott, Ms State quarterback grad) play football at 3PM. Mississippi State University plays at 6:30PM!

Priorities! Football!

Meyer Lemon! DH is hoping it will be ripe for his Saturday margarita.

The turkey is in the oven. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on the TV. DH is upstairs in his office. The dogs & Moxie are outside, finally not underfoot.

I am going to sit down in my favorite chair in the Keeping Room to read, with a lovely Chablis in my glass…ahead of the oven timer sounding!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, if anyone wants a recipe, let me know!

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