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Email To Our Farm-Keeper

January 17, 2020

Another gray day, Em, but at least it isn’t cold!
I am going to leave the chicken coop open so you don’t need to rush over tomorrow.
I cleaned the roost this morning, my least favorite job on the farm. Ugh! Stinky! Core work for me! Good fertilizer for the coming Spring.
Beware – I opened the door into the coop and thought all the hens were dead…with all the rain they had decided to dirt-bathe inside. Holes under the straw!
There are 2 bags of feed in the 1st can. There are scratch and meal worms – yum! in the 2nd can. Just a few meal worms if you want or forget the worms and just toss the scratch, which they love and need if the temps are really going to drop. I dug up some of the spent feed in the run near the feed can. Stinky mess but interesting watching them attack the fermented grain residue.
Please be sure the water founts and outside bucket are full. They are eating high protein , which seems to have finally solved the molt problem, and crave the water. (Take care turning the toggle at the faucet – one toggle broke off and left raw metal.)
The rubber hammer is just inside the little barn on the floor in case the hen fence goes down. “Fence off. Hammer at the base of the fence post. Fence on.”
Goatses are fat and sassy! You may have issues getting into and out of the pasture in the pick-up due to the rain. I slip/slid into and out yesterday. They don’t have to be fed. I left 2 bales of fresh hay with them on Monday.
The red bucket is inside one of the cans. It kept blowing off and getting wet.
I will put a box of raisins inside the truck for you. They haven’t had any lately…BEWARE! They LOVE their raisins, especially Joy, and Jolly, and Dot, and Sweetie, and … you get the picture. (If you don’t drive in, the goats will come up to you at the swing – raisin them there… No getting the pick-up stuck, which is good. They won’t starve.)
Big guys celebrated their 4th birthday yesterday. They are covered with cockleburs. . I am filling their heated water bowls and outside food pans when I finish this email. The coming cold will prevent the garage door from being propped open for them, but they know where to go to stay warm and dry.
Moxie is a sweet kitty as always. She has a new bag of dry food atop the egg frig. With the garage doors closed, she will be able to eat without the dogs stealing her food! Whoopie! If you will, give her 2 or 3 scoops of dry and half a can of wet food. That should keep her satisfied.
That’s about it!
Thanks so much!

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