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Not Playing Possum!

January 31, 2020

Monday evening, when I returned from Maury County Chorale rehearsal, a big possum was trying to enter the chicken coop, but ran under the barn before I could run over it with my Prius & I didn’t have a gun with me. Glad I didn’t slam the car into the barn! DH would not have been pleased.

I used the heavy rake to carry it to the house for disposal. I would leave it out for the buzzards, but the pups would get it, drag it back to the house & ugh!

I locked the coop up tight on Tuesday evening & saw no evidence of the possum, but made sure the doors were locked & the electric fence on.
Wednesday I had to leave the farm earlier than usual for errands ahead of choir practice. I locked the coop when I returned, about 9:30 at night after hearing the hens breathing & ‘purring’, thinking all was well.

Weird back paws.

When I opened the coop Thursday morning, there was a pile of scat in the coop: not chicken poop, some other animal’s poop. Quietly, slowly I peeked into the nesting boxes & oh my goodness! A possum was sleeping with evidence of its egg-stealing in all the nesting boxes!

Front paws more normal looking.

I ran to the house for a gun, ran back to the coop… Ever see a woman run as fast as she can in big muck boots? I was a sight to behold. The dogs thought I was playing & ran with me. Thanks, guys. At least I got my cardio in for the day!
…stepped back inside the coop & sent that possum to eternity! My ears are still ringing! When I grabbed my 9mm, I was in such a hurry I did not put on my ear-protectors. Oops!
By the way, I love my Sig!

Not a gentle wild creature that only eats ticks, thus providing a service to mankind! Yes, they do provide a service, but when they come into my territory to threaten my critters, curtains!

He was a good-size possum. See those teeth? Glad he ate eggs but not chickens!
Now for the question – WHERE WERE THE DOGS? Their job is to protect farm critters!
I called the pups once I parked the car in the garage Wednesday night, but they were ranging the property & nowhere to be found. Hmm… They are shirking their duty & it cost me a bunch of eggs!

It is time for me to get a Terrier! I have missed my Lucy since she went to sleep & it’s time for the big dogs to learn what home/farm security looks like!
So, if you know anyone with small Terrier pups due in the next month, please let me know!
Lu was a Cairn Terrier, but I will consider all smaller Terriers.

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