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Mute Monday: Berries et al

July 1, 2019








Wineries in Northern Virginia

June 29, 2019


Dear Husband to me, “Let’s do a wine tour in Virginia.”  Me, “Really?”


California, yes.  Tennessee, yes.  But Virginia?  YES!

We visited #3 son & DIL & our precious grand-puppy, Bainesy.  We brought B’s once-squeaky football that was left behind when the kids headed north from Nashville.


Weather in northern Virginia is much like middle Tennessee.  Quite warm, a bit humid.  Though Virginia gets more winter snow than we.

I love that all the wineries we visited are growing all their own grapes rather than importing from California.  Chardonnay, Chardonel, Viognier (a favorite of mine), Cab Franc, Altezza (an Italian grape), Vidal Blanc, Meritage, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon…  Can you believe this?  Exciting!

We are off again this morning, after we finish our Virginia Sparkling Rose’ Wine 2016 from Breaux Vineyards.  Yes, that is a crawfish on the label!  New Orleans connections of the family.


Don’t know where we are tasting today until DH finishes his searches.  But I bet the wines will be excellent!



Farm Critters On A Friday

June 28, 2019

Friday is like every other day on the farm – busy!  Critters to feed, eggs to collect, dogs & cat to feed, garden to tend, berries to pick…


…bags of chicken feed & scratch to unload from the truck & carry into the coop then lift them down into the galvanized garbage cans…


…lift the goat feed from the back of the pick-up, carry down the steps DH built last week and lift them down into the galvanized garbage cans…


…the good news – feed bags weigh 50lbs.  In the past they were 75lbs.  I’m getting off easy!


Look!  Sweetie is drinking water from the trough like a big goat!


So is Sissie!


Jolly eats her feed quite well, even with Mr. April behind her.


Sweetie & T

After all the work is done, it is time for petting & snuggling & scratching & kisses…

Caesarea Marítima

June 25, 2019

April 10, 2019.  Our trip to Israel begins…

Caesarea Maritima (11).jpg

The entrance to Caesarea Amphitheater.

We were on an overnight flight from NY’s Laguardia to Tel Aviv on a very full plane.  Heading into both Jewish and Christian Holy Days, lots of folks wanted to be in their spiritual homeland.

Caesarea Maritima

Standing on the Amphitheater stage; note the hole in the ground where actors entered and exited the stage.

At the airport in Tel Aviv we boarded a big purple bus and drove 45 minutes to our hotel in Netanya.  Our first meal in Israel, a huge dinner buffet – oh my goodness!  Then a walk outside with DH to see our surroundings.

Caesarea Maritima

Events are still held in this Amphitheater.  All the seating is original though some had to be reconstructed after earthquakes and sea storms.

The next morning we took another walk and were directed by a local gentleman to the stairs down to the beach, on the Mediterranean Sea!  Lots of stairs!  Good for my cardio.  A bit of a struggle for DH’s still-not-fully-recovered post-op (after a year!) legs & feet.  Then breakfast – a HUGE buffet – & we’re off on the purple bus to Caesarea Marítima!

Caesarea Maritima

Column remnants…

Known for its Roman Aqueduct, Amphitheater and Circus, Caesarea Maritima was the prime vacation area for not only Herod the Great, but also Pontius Pilate.

Caesarea Maritima

…and a clear blue sky.

We make our way from the theater toward the sea where the remains of Herod’s palace can still be seen.  He was not content with a seaside home, he wanted the house actually in and over the water, so it was!


Herod the Great was a builder, not only for himself, but for the nation.  He envisioned trading ships supplying his coastal city, so an engineering marvel was constructed, a massive artificial harbor that could dock and service a dozen sea-going ships.

DSC00290To the left, the Med.  To the right, stables and homes of the ancients who lived here.  I can just imagine Charlton Heston and steering his horses to victory down this long raceway.

DSC00292 (2).jpgA mosaic tile floor in a home just off the Circus.

Aqueduct Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Israel.  Just over the wall from the Circus where actual chariot races, gladiatorial contests & other sporting events were held, the Mediterranean Sea washes the shoreline continually.  Mixed in with the sand are small pieces of pottery that have been rubbed smooth through the ages by the water’s constant motion.


I was told it was OK to bring these 3 pottery pieces home with me.


Crusader-age fortress built atop the original Caesarea Maritima.  Note the arrow slits in the walls for shooting enemies.  Can you believe the giant agave plant in the foreground!

DSC00307 (1).jpg

The Caesarea National Park is fascinating to explore and improvements, excavations continue.  There is even a golf course nearby!


Mute Monday: Caesarea Maritima, Israel

June 24, 2019


I Am Golden!

June 22, 2019

Did you know that you can reverse the signs of aging with Rodan + Fields Skincare?

Well, you can!  My face is proof!


I have been using R+F Reverse Lightening Regimen for 2 years now and the improvement in my skin, the disappearance of sun spots on my face and neck, the reduction in pore size – WOW!

And just released, Reverse Radiance Mask!  Yep, that’s why my face is Golden.



Easy to apply.  Use once a week.  Be amazed at the Radiance of your skin!

The glow  in the photo below is from my inability to export and import a natural looking photo.  Sorry.  I don’t have paste on my face.  I have only Reverse Lightening.IMG_3917

Even with my hair still wet, not too bad for someone over 21…31…41…  OK, that’s enough!

(Don’t you love those eyelashes?  You can have them, too, with R+F Lash Boost!)

There are 4 Masks in the Rodan + Fields family which can be mixed and matched to your specific skincare need:

Redefine Rejuvenation (blue)  Smooth for lines + wrinkles

Reverse Radiance (gold)  Radiant for uneven skin tone + dullness

Unblemish Clarifying (white that turns purple)  Clear for acne + breakouts

Soothe Rescue (green) Calm for sensitivity + visible rednesslp-face-masks-banner

Let your face age backwards – get started on your perfect Regimen, your perfect Mask today!  Message me.  Call me.  Email me.

Go to my website to get your perfect Skincare recommendation with our Solution Tool!

Weekly Egg Letter 6/21/19

June 21, 2019

Photo of Sissie and me in early May.

Hello from the growing non-metropolis of Santa Fe!  I awakened at 2:30am, finally tired of watching the lightening to the south, so I got up.  

In case you haven’t noticed my moon face, I have 5 more days on the Prednisone.  The poison ivy is no longer visible on my arms, abdomen or ankles.  When I have slept the last 2 1/2 months taking this pharmaceutical, my dreams have been vivid and memorable, but the sleep has been…maybe, sometimes, nope!

Who needs  to buy eggs?  We have plenty!
Farm News
We are so grateful the Lord has sent rain and thunder and lightening this week!  
Did you know that lightening provides nitrogen as fertilizer to the earth?  The electricity cuts through the sky breaking through the air which is mainly nitrogen with some oxygen, just enough for us to be able to live, causing the nitrogen to be changed from its gaseous form and fall to the ground where the earth absorbs it and feeds the trees and plants and weeds and grass.
Cool, huh!  God thinks of everything!
Photo of Sweetie in late May.
While we are thankful for the rain, our tractor, which we had been told would be repaired and returned to us last week, is still in the shop being repaired. <sigh>  Here we go again.  Three weeks it has been gone.  The goats are disappearing in the front pasture!
I drove in last evening and didn’t see the goats near the shelter, when just above the grass in the front of the pasture I saw GG Mama’s horns sticking up above the grass.  Then Sweetie, Sissie and Jolly saw my car and started running and jumping trying to get to the gate as quickly as they could thinking they were going to get a bottle.  Oops!  I should have driven by faster.  Poor bottle-babies-being-weaned!
Blackberries are in season!  I have not watered or pruned or done anything I am supposed to do for them to produce at maximum, but they are producing.  God is good!
There is a Wood Thrush nesting in the blackberry bramble near the garden fence.  She was not happy when I approached her 4 eggs in the nest!  Excited! 
The Cornell School of Ornithology has a fabulous website for identifying and listening to birds!  This is their photo.
We have 3 little cherry tomato volunteer plants that have come up at the edge of the original garden and they are blooming.  DH’s go-to snack!
His little garden beds are thriving though I did see a rabbit hopping around inside the fence…
I haven’t gotten the sweet potatoes planted yet.  I know.  I know.  I am late!  
The bed is halfway prepared and I just haven’t gotten back out there to finish up…  Tomorrow.  Yep, I don’t have anything planned after trainer-time tomorrow, so I will be getting hot and sweaty and filthy and smelly.  The chicken manure under the roost is the main raised garden bed ingredient with some bagged ’topsoil’ scattered on top.  Talk about nitrogen!  Whew!  Stinky and rich in nutrients for plants!
The hens continue to inhale oyster shell calcium, and it is showing in the sturdy eggshells.  
The 4-H Hen Auction will be coming up toward the end of August and I am already considering what to do.  I didn’t butcher the older hens last winter.  Just didn’t.  With 22 hens we are consistently getting 12 – 15 eggs a day.  Somebody’s got to go!  Eating feed and not producing eggs is a no-no.  
So, if I buy a dozen new chickens, I will have a dozen to process for the freezer (and for sale), however, that means egg production will decrease for a period of time until the newbies get up to speed laying.  (It sometimes takes pullets a few weeks to catch on to the laying thing.)  Anyway, just looking ahead…
Hope you are having a wonderful week!  I am!  
Let me know if you want eggs!